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As a freelance translator, since September of 2008, I have been mainly involved in the world of translation and proofreading of texts of a basically medical scope (protocols, clinical trials, medical instrument manuals, etc.). I have, however, also specialised in the translation of games of chance, poker, casino, sports betting and on-line games.

And why Biomedicine? Well, to be quite honest, I simply don’t know. I have always loved the world of science and I majored in pure science during my secondary education years, while my father is a biologist and I am absolutely crazy about nature. However and above all, I do believe that the path itself opened up all on its own and told me the direction I was to take. The projects in which I participated during my internships were in their most part medical and my supervisor at the time was a translator and proofreader of medical documents. It is from her that I learned to not commit the most typical errors, to pay particular attention to details, to compile documentation at the right places and to express myself in a more scientific language.

I also started working as a freelance translator with her; hence my training in this scope continued and other clients also started sending similar projects, projects on Chemistry, Biology, etc. And I actually started to pick-up on the little tricks involved in these types of texts. A French orthopaedic company contacted me requesting my services, which they currently still continue to use, while another agency required a translator experienced in medical manuals, company with which I also continue collaborating and on and on, with practice and the reading of many articles, thesis, etc., I continue on this road of constant development and improvement.

Currently, after two years working part-time as member of the Board of Directors of Asetrad and many other different projects, I am studying Environmental Sciences at UNED University, hoping to get specialized in this field in the future too. Climate change, ecology, renewable energies and so are issues I am quite personally concerned about, so why not do something about it? On the other hand, I also gave a step forward and finally became a member of Tremédica, the International Association of Translators and Editors in the Medicine and Related Sciences field.

And, how about the world of Betting? Well, this also came to be by chance. I landed in Ireland in the year 2008 and started working in a gambling industry company, where I continued during more than two years in different departments: bonus service (international), customer service, mainly in French and as administrative support in the English and Spanish departments, finally passing on to the management department handling a portfolio of VIP clients from French-speaking countries. This experience directly immersed me in the world of betting and in three languages: translating content from English to French and to Spanish, learning the rules of the different sports, the games and the applications; obtaining knowledge on the company structures and procedures, etc., all of which later on allowed me to dedicate myself to this industry as a professional and freelance translator.

In as far as the work methodology is concerned, whenever a project is presented, the first thing I do is clarify all the details with the client: what, how and when the texts are needed. Once I have all the corresponding information gathered together, I prepare the project on my computer. If I can use a computer-assisted translation tool, well I do so, and if not I work "by hand" so to say, although like everything in life, each case represents its own little world. I use the available resources and documents during the entire project: for consulting and contextual support, for compiling of documentation prior to starting, during the process and afterwards to verify correct adaptation and uniformity.

This is the moment when the grammar checker comes into action, likewise using quality assurance tools and reviewing the reports, and once I am completely satisfied with the translation, I send it off to the client. I do occasionally receive comments or reviews and I apply the changes and save them in order to use them in future projects. This review process is very useful, because it also helps me to learn from the errors and to defend the decisions I take, because not always is the review better than the original. Logically, I always want my clients to be satisfied with my work and I systematically ask them if there is room for improvement so that I can take their comments into account in the future. I do believe this is the best way to advance.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that it is not entirely common to send the reviews and comments to the translator and even less so if the translation is correct, I have on occasion received particular comments appreciating my contribution, be this because I have detected a serious error in the review, or because I made an interesting question about the text or because they appreciate the quality of my work. Well, these may be subtle details and few and far between, yet they are the ones that really encourage me to keep improving and to continue offering quality services. When the comments are not quite as favourable, I do of course attempt to defend my cause, argue my choices with examples of use, official standards, etc., although quite often the client’s option prevails and I accept this fact, take note of it and apply it (only for the specific client in question) to future projects.

And thus, grosso modo, these are my tasks in all that related with the world of translation. Of course, my daily work does include many other things, such as client prospecting and maintenance, budgets, invoices, training, documentation and other less appealing processes of which there is no need to go into detail right now.

Well, this is it in a nutshell. Please allow me to finish off by expressing my deep appreciation for your interest and for dropping in and having a look around my world.

Thank you very much.

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Ayant recouru à Verónica pour différentes traductions concernant les bijoux exposés sur mon site, je suis en mesure de confirmer ses compétences ainsi que la qualité et rapidité de ses prestations. Très professionnelle, je la recommande sans hésitations. – Jean-Luc Paluczak

Veronica is a very good translator, has an orientation to details and doing her best to provide the best quality.

She provides excellent translation quality and always delivers in time. I have never been let down and find it a pleasure to work with her. I'd definitely recommend Veronica as an EN/FR - ES translator. – Nefise Ali Siuleyman