Working areas and processes

We are a group of freelance translators who, after more than a decade in the medical-health sector, have seen the need to provide comprehensive and quality services, which not only allow companies to meet their business or communication needs, but also save them time and effort. The single point of contact for the management of each project from the outset, results in greater productivity and efficiency of this integral solution, with the guarantee of quality and respect required in this area.

Our membership in associations such as Asetrad or Tremédica provide us with the necessary support in order to develop our projects in the strictest confidentiality and comply with all current regulations regarding the sector both translation, scientific-technical, pharmaceutical and health.

Thanks to our great desire for improvement, we regularly complete training courses and attend specialized conferences in order to remain informed and thus be able to offer our clients the latest resources, both technological and human, with the aim of providing a quality product in the shortest time possible.

Our main working languages are English, French and Spanish, but we as part of a wider net of European Collaborators we can offer our services 24/24.

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